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Soooooo this is my personal blog where I talk about tech stuff I encounter. Right now I am working on and CONNECT platform.

linkYet Another Frontend Framework

So a while back, I was working on CONNECT-platform. The web-based editor for connect platform is built using Angular, and I had a lot of headache optimizing it to a marginally acceptable level of performance. The issue was Angular's change detection, as it got pretty confused due to the rather complicated flow of data in the editor.

I ended up doing more work for pushing Angular out of my way, along with the fact that explicitly controlling the change propagation flow simply meant a lot of the benefits of Angular were already gone. As a result, I decided to create Yet Another Frontend Framework, built around explicit description of flow of change.

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Hero Image by Anas Alshanti from Unsplash.

Hero Image by Monika Pot from Unsplash.

Yet Another Frontend Framework


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